Character Week 4

Today we were properly introduced into semiotics: The study of meaning making through symbols and their cultual attributes.

Meanings can be derived from different signifiers, be that a shape, colour or some kind of symbolism, that have a derived meaning to the audience called the signified. These attributions can be universal, like red meaning danger, or culturally dependent, like green meaning envy.

Shapes can be used to convey meaning. Squares are regarded as strong, sturdy and dependable, while circles are friendly and soft leaving triangles to be the villain being regarded as sharp and dangerous. It’s easy to see how Squares can be thought of as hard, unchanging shapes as they’re so even and firmly established; you couldn’t push one over. Circles are very friendly, lacking harsh angles or sides, feeling one wouldn’t be dangerous. But triangles are dubious with their points and odd sides. A triangle standing on it’s point is unstable and just waiting to fall over.




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