Workshop: Character Design 2

After having created our character variations over the weekend, this workshop saw the class choose their favourite of everyone’s characters. I had a clear winner with Pope Claude III.


Going forward, this was a very good choice for me by the rest of the class. As we were looking at shape language and silhouettes, it became clear that this variant was the most visually striking and had the best silhouette as well as good iconography.  The triangular shoulder decoration, pope hat and staff as well as the ridiculous nose make for a recognisable character. On getting my silhouette down on paper, we then passed our papers round the class for everyone to have their own take on them.


It was interesting seeing a few people changing the nose to a downwards angle which I rather liked but defeats the point of the ‘holier than thou’ turned up nose. I do like the look of the other hats, especially the one right at the top which would be a good step towards ditching the Catholic iconography, which I think might be a good idea. I haven’t come out of this workshop with any other ideas or made any variant sketches, but I will before the week is out.

To finish off the workshop, we created a totem section to represent our character and help us iconise it. I used the catholic iconography, the nose and the triangular colar piece to come up with this plan.


Then when shown the resources, I chose to work primarily red with highlights of red and blue. img_20161017_161027


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