Workshop: Character Design

This workshop was all about getting and developing some initial character ideas. The genius start to this session was to turn a page of ink-blots into characters. This was supprisingly easy, I was quick to spot features and use them. It was a throroughly enjoyable process. I then picked one ink blot to carry on with.


I chose the long nose whitch at the bottom as I thought they were the most interesting and original. The next step was to get a whole body version. For some reason, I dressed the character as a young girl in a T-Shirt and skirt. I wasn’t really thinking and this doesn’t really work. I knew they had to be some kind of sorccerer and a baddy – No one would get behind a hero looking like that.


Based on shape language, I had to make the character sharper in design, so I gave them a big triangular breast plate pointing out from the shoulders and a cloak. I also changed the head dress from turban to some kind of hat to reflect add to their ‘spirituality’. The pointy shoes were a must as well.


Now, based on the ideas of my peers, I had to take it to another level. Their ideas showed my character in a more sinister light, they added wrinkles, ruggid hair and frayed garments. The additional features I enjoyed the most were the nostrils of one picture and the crucifix round the neck of another. I could imediately see the cloak and hat in a different light. The character works as a crumbly old man of the cloth.


This is a character I would definitely concider carrying on. I’m interested to see how he moves and explore his emotions. I think he’ll be a lot of fun, but I will explore other options.


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