Workshop: Walk Cycle

This session got us drawing a simple humanoid walk cycle that introduced us to keyframe animation. In previous sessions we had just used ‘Straigh Ahead’ animation, just ploughing straight on from frame to frame. Keyframe animation lets you see the overall movement before it’s complete and paves the way for all the inbetween frames. It feels like planning while your working. It makes sense to use this method when there are a lot of complex movements going on.

With keyframe animation, we planned our shots around the extremes of the movement. These extremes were the contact points for when each foot hits the floor. Then we found the passing possitions placed directly inbetween each contact point. Then inbetween those key points are the low then high points of the step.


Here’s my first test of the keyframes. It’s a little juddery to watch and the lines are a little faint, but I was confident to use these as my building blocks.

The video is hideously breif and appon close inspection, I can see that both his calves shrink after lift-off which is a bit off-putting. I was concerned about how rappid the downward movement is towards the end of the cycle was but that was laid to rest as I started to see is as more of an angry walk as the face suggests.


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