Week 2 Summary

The workshops this week followed the theme of bouncing balls because they demonstrate how spacing and timing is important to make animation look believable. I enjoyed these sessions as they pushed me for time – it took every last minute of each session to get the anmation planned, drawn and shot. In the pendulum sessions last week I found myself using rulers and divisions to get everything even and well spaced but in these sessions I found there was only time for rule of thumb. I doubted the outcome the first time I dropped the maths but I found it came out just fine. As long as the rough idea was fairly accurate the final clip looked cartoonishly charming even if the shots weren’t planned to the millimeter.

I did however conclude after the last session that I could spend more time making my demonstrations more bold and obvious. The ears on the appendages workshop clip I did were too small and not big enough to clearly demonstrate how they were reacting to all the bouncing around.

The life drawing session this week was more engaging with Peter. He worked with us to make our drawings a perfect whole rather than asortment of limbs or just a silhouette. We focussed on drawing different areas while studying how they related to other parts of the body, drawing lines between them and checking the symetry. It was nice to just start bashing out drawing after drawing whithout a pause butomething I need to start working on is my one minute drawings – every time I’ve failed to get the whole figure down.


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