Workshop: Bouncing Ball

This workshop focused on the fundementals spacing, timing and squach and stretch.

Spacing takes care of the velocity of the ball, slowing it down at its peaks and accelerating towards the ground. The balls appear condensed as the arc reaches its top. The less change in position there is in each frame the slower the movement is. The greater the change in position, the swifter the movement will be as the ball will appear to spend less time in the same place.

Timing takes care of the rythm of the bounce.Each time it hits the floor, it travels a little less further than last. I’ve tracked the rythm of the bouncing ball in the image below, marking each time the ball hits the ground.


My video demonstrates these elements.

Squash and stretch add another level of depth to the animation. Although it is a realistic thing to add if we’ve got a small rubber ball as the subject, it can be taken wildly out of proportion. It’s something key to cartoons, integeral to the entire style and feel. Something noted to us was that you can stretch and squash your ball, but always roughly maintain the volume.



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