Workshop: Paper Pendulums

This workshop took what we learned on the monday workshop, put it to paper and saw us nail down the spacing and shot planning.

The key to setting out well spaced frames was to lay out the key frames of the animation; Those being both the up positions and the down position. To help get that right, we used a coin on a string as depicted below.


I then added the inbetweens symetrically, one at a time, slowly increasing the gap between them towards the centre until I had this.


When I drew this, I more or less played it by ear but I did measure each space and they came out fairly even, give or take a millimeter. Here’s what the spacing – more or less – was.

0.5 – 1 – 1.2 – 1.6 – 2 – 2.7 – 2.7 – 2 – 1.6 – 1.2 – 1 – 0.5

The rate of acceleration certianly isn’t consistent, but I feel it doesn’t show in my final clip. I haven’t seen myself do any better, but I thought it came out pretty smooth.

As for my second stage, had I spent more time on it, it could have come out better. My interuption to the swing was a brief 7 frame encounter with a fish. Watching this back at 25 fps is rather confusing.

Note to self: Keep frame rate in mind at all times.


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