Mark Ardington on Ex_Machina

Mark Ardington spoke today about his role on the indepentend Sci-Fi Thriller, ‘Ex-Machina’ as a character rigger. After working on primarily cartoons and other fairly simple creature-rigging roles he apparently landed his job at the company Double Negative Special Effects in 2013 on whim because the company was ‘desperate’. ¬†However, on being hired by the company he was appointed a leading role for the character rigging on Ex-Machina. During his time on the project, he learned all the skills neccesary for the project.



Workshop: Pendulum

This session gave us the mission of creating a beliveable swing of a pendulum that we could loop smoothly. The point of the task was to demonstrate the importance of spacing, timing and the illusion of weight in animation.

In our first attempt, we focussed on getting the acceleration of the swing right. This is all in how much we incressed the spaces between the position of the pendulum in the last frame and in the new frame using the onion skin. Although that came out well, the speed of each swing wasn’t equal. A keen eye could see that ther rebound was a touch faster than the initial swing.

To correct the issue, we started a new clip, this time planning the swing to be 12 frames between each apogee. This way the swing would hopefully be even.



Light-weight ball swings fast on cable.

Light-weight ball swings on resistant/constricted wire.